We’re One Of Ireland’s Only Dedicated Stairlift Repair Company

In 2018 we set up our brand new website for our stairlift repair services covering Dublin and throughout Ireland. Since we’ve launched to the public we’ve been inundated with enquiries for fast and reliable stairlift repair services spanning all over Ireland.

We believe in the short space of time we’ve established this part of our business, we’ve been able to fix virtually every single issue that’s been thrown at us confidently and quickly. So due to the high success of this dedicated part of our company, we’ve been able to quickly expand nationwide.

stairlift repair dublin ireland

Areas We Cover

From Cork to Dublin, Galway to Louth – We’ve Got You Covered!

That’s right! As a company that mainly covered Dublin for stairlift repair services, the past few months have allowed us to expand nationwide throughout Ireland. Our prices reflect the location we call out to and will always do our best to be the most affordable and accomodating price wise. We believe in ensuring a fair price no matter where you are located in Ireland.

Fast Call Out

We will always ensure that we can get to you in the quickest time possible taking into account the urgency of the situation and whether it’s an emergency or simply a planned service. We generally can call out same day for local repairs or next day for customers located far away from us.

High Repair Success Rate

Our stairlift repair success rate is one of the highest, if not the best in the industry. We are extremely successful in terms of getting a stairlift back working within 1 hour of arriving at your home and will not give up until the exact problem is fixed. We can normally get your stairlift repaired within the standard repair rate we offer, although serious or major faults may cost more.

Other Notes

We’re confident that you are in the right hands when it comes to fast and affordable stairlift repair services covering Dublin and nationwide throughout Ireland. As we have mentioned, we cover all counties nationwide with competitive prices across all types of repair services. No matter what brand of stairlift you have, feel free to book your repair service with us online today or call 087 341 9711.

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If you prefer to have a chat with us then you can call today us on 087 341 9711.