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Get Fast Stair Lift Repair Services In Clare & All Of Ireland

If you’re looking for fast and professional stairlift repair services in Clare or throughout Ireland then you can count on us. No matter what type of stair lift problem you are dealing with, we have the skills and drive to get your stairlift fixed in no time.

Whether you’re needing stairlift repair in Clare or something more straightforward like a stair lift battery replacement service, know that we’re here to help and please feel free send us a message or simply call us on 087 341 9711.

Any questions? Feel free to fill out the form below or you can call us on 087 341 9711 any time.

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stairlift repair clare

Our Stair Lift Repair Services

We’ve done many types of stairlift repair in Clare and throughout all of Ireland. Problems have ranged from a stairlift that just stopped working suddenly or something as straightforward as a battery replacement service.

We have carried out repairs on many issues including:

  • Replacement batteries and power supplies
  • Repair or replacement of PCB circuit boards
  • Diagnosis and repair of stairlifts “stuck” at the top or bottom
  • Repair or replacement of safety sensors, panels, switches etc
  • Plus much more!

We also provide Annual Servicing of stairlifts.

Contact us to arrange your stairlift repair in Clare here or by phoning us on 087 341 9711

How Much Is Stairlift Repair?

Our prices can vary depending on what type of issue is being repaired but we’ll always ensure our prices are highly competitive, please Contact Us for a quote or call us on 087 341 9711

What Areas Do You Cover?

We can provide stairlift repair services throughout Clare and nationwide around Ireland covering all counties and towns.

Do You Offer Guarantee On Repairs?

Every new stairlift part that is replaced during the repair process of your stair lift will have a full 1 year guarantee, used or reconditioned parts where applicable have 6 months.

Any Other Questions?

Feel free to also check out our FAQ page for any commonly asked questions or if you prefer you can call us on 087 341 9711.

We’ve Got You Covered

Solutions For All Brands Of Stairlifts

  • Acorn, Brooks, Bison, Freelift

  • Handicare, Minivator, Meditek,

  • Platinum, Stannah, Thyssen, Otto

  • And much more!

All Problems Solved

  • Stairlift Won’t Move Or Keeps Stopping

  • Battery Replacement Services

  • Annual Servicing

  • And much more!

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If you have any questions then please call us on 087 341 9711.

We Cover All Towns In Clare For Stair Lift Repairs

Newmarket-on- Fergus

Miltown Malbay