COVID-19 Information

We’re resuming full operations as of Monday, 22/06/2020.

At Modern Mobility, we’ve been carrying out essential services throughout this pandemic, albeit with us mainly covering urgent or essential works only.

From Monday 22nd of June 2020, we will be resuming normal operations with the addition of all the safety measures we have used throughout the pandemic.

We’ve broken down our most recent processes below:

Repair Of Stairlifts

General Repair Guidelines:

  • Both ourselves and the customer need to adhere to social distance guidelines during the repair process.
  • Ideally where possible we would advise that the area where we are carrying out the repair is kept clear for the duration of the visit.
  • On repairs being carried out indoors we will be wearing a mask and gloves, unless there’s a reason not to in certain circumstances.
    • Circumstances include but not limited to
      • Situations where we are having to work in a tight space and the mask can impede on the repair
      • Cases where we are carrying out repairs involving heavy duty parts, like large batteries, motors etc
  • On repairs being carried out outdoors (outdoor stairlifts), once social distancing guidelines are adhered to we may sometimes not wear a mask. However, if this happens we will carry out a disinfection of the product prior to leaving.


We would like to state that whilst things are returning back to some level of normality, we want to ensure our company is carrying out all the best practices indefinitely unless advised otherwise by the government.

Feel free to call us anytime with any questions you may have on 087 737 9265. You can also contact us by email here.


Ricki Brennan

Managing Director

Last Edit: 20/06/20